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structural,stress and thermal analysis f hot fire training simulators

Structural, Thermal and CFD Analysis of Aircraft Hot Fire Training Simulators
ACA Engineering Consultants have undertaken the structural, thermal and CFD analysis of aircraft hot fire training simulators which have been installed at airports around the world.
Airports are some of the busiest places on earth. One of the biggest risks to any airport is fire and since the first airports were developed there has always been a need for efficient fire fighting techniques and equipment.
Airports can never eliminate the risk of fire and for fire crews and staff to be as efficient as possible in such an emergency they need to practice. However, burning up a million pound aircraft every so often for training purposes is not a viable option - even for the largest of companies.
The solution - full size mock-ups of several types of aircraft that are realistic enough to provide the right training, but are also much cheaper to produce and crucially - reusable. ACA provide the structural, thermal and CFD analyses of fire training simulators for KiddeFT - Kidde Fire Trainers
KiddeFT Aircraft Fire Trainers enable the recreation of a series of different emergency scenarios, including interior and exterior incident fires and large-scale fuel spill fires, all managed by an adjacent control tower and PC control station. Inside, a series of fires can be accessed by a series of doors on multiple levels, helping to develop realistic rescue scenarios.

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